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  • Do you have access to a computer, smart phone, tablet?

  • Does your device have a webcam?

  • Does your device have high speed internet?

  • Does your device have Google Chrome?

  • Do you have a well-developed Credit History?

If you answered YES to ALL of the above, then you should qualify for an Electronic Closing!

Refi/LOC/Seller - $85

Purchase w/Loan - $125

3 or more Signers $10 each

We've partnered with NotaryCam, the industry's LEADING online notary platform, to provide you with an easy and secure online signing experience.

We recommend an E-CLOSING for the following:

  • Sellers

    • Elderly

    • Infirmed

    • High risk

    • In another state/country

    • Unable to sign between 8:30-5 (M-F)​

  • Buyers (w/ documents requiring a notary)

    • Elderly

    • Infirmed

    • High risk

    • In another state/country

    • Unable to sign between 8:30-5 (M-F)​

    • If a Lender is involved, the Lender must pre - approve E-Signing


  • If your closing package includes documents requiring a Notary and/or Witnesses AND

  • You don't qualify​ for an E-CLOSING... OR

  • You prefer the Notary come to you & help you sign

Then we recommend a Mobile Closing!

Mobile Notary services range from $40 to $250.

Your settlement agent will locate a mobile notary and coordinate your closing for a time and day that works for you. Email info@larkintitle.com and let us know you're interested, so we can start obtaining quotes!



  • Is this a cash transaction?

  • Are you the Seller of the property?

If you answered YES to ANY of the above, then you qualify for a CURBSIDE CLOSING!

Park in our private parking lot and sign in the comfort and safety of your car. We'll grab our face masks and bring the documents out to you with sterilized pens and Purell wipes. Once you've signed we will finish notarizing and witnessing, make copies, and send you off with your closing package, our signature specialty chocolates, and the pens you signed with.


  • Can't come to closing?

  • Sketchy internet access?

  • Don't qualify for an E-Closing?

  • Mobile Closings are too expensive?

If you answered YES to ANY of the above, then a Mail-Away closing might be the ticket for you!

We offer two types of MAIL-AWAY closings:

  1. HYBRID - We email docs to you, you print, take somewhere to sign/notarize/witness, you overnight back to us w/prepaid UPS label

  2. TRUE MAIL-AWAY - We print all docs, mark all sections where You/Notary/Witnesses must sign, then overnight to you. We also include a pre-paid UPS envelope, blue ink pens, face masks, and Purell wipes.

At this time, we are waiving our $40 Mail-Away Fee, but the recipient will be charged on the Settlement Statement for any applicable UPS fees.